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Imran is a Canadian short story writer, blogger and a political commentator. Imran was born in Pakistan into a middle class family and subsequently moved to Canada in 2001. Imran is blessed with an outstanding and rich vocabulary and keen observation that helps him  observe very closely and analyze the social behavior and societal evolution. This reflects in his short stories time and again. His writings have been published in various electronic platforms and print media outlets.

IT professional by profession, Imran is also a political commentator and brings out issues affecting common people, specially lower-middle class families. Imran connects with other in society around him and their problems really well and showcases them strongly through his pen. He believes bringing social issues into light is a responsibility that should be carried out carefully . “Ignoring these issues would not solve any problem, but discussing social issues and common problems we face will bring a change eventually.”

In 2021 Imran got his first book published comprised of short stories. Book is titled as “Jahan Darshan” meaning “view of the world”. These stories reflect the social, economic and moral behavior of the society. Big lessons are embedded in these short stories that captivate the interest of the reader until the end of the book. Imran’s writings have a natural flow, smoothness and subtlety in them that keep the reader thoroughly engaged in the book”  Dr. Sughra Sadaf, director general of Punjab institute of language and Culture wrote about Imran’s book.

On the other side, Critic Syed Imtiaz Ahmed Wrote, “A good short story consists of many elements, plot characters, description of events, ideas, tone and choice of words etc. Most of all it is very important that a story be captivating and interesting. Even though in Imran’s stories, more or less all the above factors are there but the real achievement is that he was able to add interest in the stories to make them readable. I’m hoping that he will continue his hard work, very soon, he will be able to get his name enlisted amongst the big names.”

Imran can be contacted at ddarwesh@outlook.com.

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